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Viewing, Downloading, and Sharing Lead Data
Viewing, Downloading, and Sharing Lead Data

Once I've had open house sign-ins OR leads have submitted their info through listing microsites, where can I access this data?

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My Leads

The My Leads screen within the app contains all leads. Here you can perform a variety of actions including

  • select a lead to see the Lead Detail which includes answers to all questions, as well as, any background info we were able to match to them

  • delete test or irrelevant leads by using the trash can icon that's shown at the top of the Lead Detail

  • filter the results to show leads just for a specific listing

Also there's a source field in the My Leads table. Here's what each Source type means:

  • Open House: these are on screen guest sign-ins (ex: guests that use the touchscreen sign-in on an iPad)

  • Touch Free Open House: these are guests that perform a touchless sign-in via the QR code

  • Web: guests that find the listing microsite online and fill out the lead form at the bottom (ex: if the listing microsite is shared on social media)

What about if someone doesn't complete filling out the sign-in?

If an Open House visitor doesn't complete the "on-screen" sign-in (so that is NOT the QR Code sign-in), we still save all answers to questions that they did complete.

To view these "partial leads", go to the My Leads screen, and using the filter icon (on the top right of the screen) and enable "Include Partial Leads" and you'll see the partial leads highlighted in Orange.

Note: these leads aren't synched to your CRM via Zapier, webhooks or other integrations. You can share/download them though.

Sharing/Downloading Leads

Sharing the leads with your team or seller is easy too. Export them for yourself by using the share icon in the top right of our app (it allows sharing via text, email and more).

  • The data is shared as a csv file attachment which can be opened easily in document and spreadsheet editing programs like Excel, Apple Numbers, and Google Sheets.

  • this share feature also allows you to save the data to your own device, but since the tablet/iPad you're running our app on may not be your primary computer, you can use this option to send yourself an email with the lead(s) data

For more advanced uses like marketing follow up OR integrating your CRM, use our zapier integration. Zapier opens up infinite options with thousands of other well known applications. If you need help getting started with Zapier, we created this guide that should simplify things.


Q: What does it mean when a lead shows as "verified" on Curb Hero?

A: It means our 3rd party data provider has found a significant amount of cases where the leads name, phone number and/or email have appeared together...therefore very unlikely to be fake data

Q: Is there a way to break up the full name to First and Last Name so the data integrates with our CRM?

A: We break up first and last name afterwards and you'll see these as separate fields in Zapier.

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