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Who are these Lenders on my listings and sign-in questions?
Who are these Lenders on my listings and sign-in questions?

IF you haven't paired a preferred lender, a default lender is assigned to your listings. Here's how to remove/manage the lender pairing.

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If you're seeing an unfamiliar lender in your listing setup OR in your Open House sign-in, this article will explain how to remove/replace them.

...but first, here's why lender pairing exists in Curb Hero:

We want to provide as many free tools to our users as possible. Most of our enhanced features come at a significant development cost, so to cover these costs, lenders pay us to advertise on Curb Hero.

Disabling The Default Expert Lender

You can disable the paired lender by selecting the lender's profile info that's displayed in the Listing Setup.

Note: Once disabled, the mortgage question will be removed from your Open House Sign-in flow.

  1. The paired lender profile is located on top of the map next to the listing address.

2. An overlay will open and there's an option on the bottom to disable the paired lender

When you do this, all Enhanced Features will be disabled for that listing. The core Curb Hero app's feature set will still be available (for free).

If you'd like your preferred lender to replace the Default Lender AND continue using the enhanced features you can invite a lender right inside our app by going to "My Paired Lender" (it's in our main menu ☰) OR invite them by using this form.


Q: Do you resell agent's data?

A: We don't resell any data. We take this very seriously and we have regular legal reviews to make sure we're up to date with the latest data privacy best practices. While many companies in the real estate marketing category resell their users data but we do not. More information on how we handle user data can be found in our Privacy Policy

Q: How does Curb Hero make money?

A: Lenders pay for subscriptions with Curb Hero to pair with agents and get advertised in their paired agent's marketing. Also we have a premium set of features for team admins to manage their agents using Curb Hero.

Q: Is lead data shared with the paired lender?
A: Lenders will receive lead info only when both of the following are true:

  • The lender is paired with an agent's listing

  • In a lead form for that listing, a prospect specifies that they have mortgage questions OR that they want to be introduced to a mortgage professional

Q: How can I replace/remove a paired lender?

A: Agents don't have to pair lenders and there are a few ways to change the paired lender. They are all very straightforward and we have an article that dives into more detail here.

Q: Who are the default "Expert" Lenders that are displayed when I first create a listing?

A: Expert Lenders are assigned to various regions as default lenders. Generally they have to meet certain experience and reputation criteria.

Q: How can I learn more about the default "Expert" Lender?
A: Next to the lender that's paired to a listing is a section that can be expanded to learn more about the lender, their ratings and see what clients have said about them. 

Q: Can I have my lender added to the platform?

Q: When I have Enhanced features on, there is a question about mortgage info automatically displayed. Why is that?

A: In order to enable the Expert Lender or your preferred lender, we need to know which leads actually want mortgage info, so we are automatically enabling this question. Only leads who specify either that a) they have mortgage questions OR b) want to be connected with a lender, will be contacted by one of the expert lenders.

Q: Can my guests skip this mortgage question if they don't want to reply?

A: Yes, guests can skip this mortgage question entirely by just hitting the Next Arrow on the top right of the Open House Sign-in

Q: Will Curb Hero remain free for agents?

A: Yes since our commercial agreements with lenders will cover our costs, Curb Hero will remain free for real estate agents.

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