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How can real estate agents invite and pair their preferred lender?
How can real estate agents invite and pair their preferred lender?

When agents pair a lender, they unlock some of our most popular features...and their lender gets promoted on the agents property marketing.

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Why should agents pair a lender?

When a lender is paired to an agent's listing, some of our most popular features are enabled like:

  • Touchless sign-in via QR code

  • Lead verification with additional lead background info

  • Mobile optimized listing microsites with lead capture

  • Quick and easy note taking functionality

  • And MUCH more - learn about all these features here

Curb Hero automatically pairs agents with expert lenders that are licensed in their region, but since most agents already have great lenders that they work with, we make it easy to pair those lenders.

Inviting your Lender

In order for agents to pair their preferred lender, the lender will need an active Curb Hero subscription.

You can pick from these ways of inviting your lender:

Then here's how it works:

  1. Once your lender is signed up and has an active subscription, they can pair with you by accepting your invitation in their account* OR by sending their unique pairing link with you.

    *you only appear as an invitation in a lender's account when you invited them with same email they used to create the account

  2. When you open that link, you will be prompted to sign-in and "Connect" with your lender.

  3. Once confirmed, they will appear on your Open House Sign-ins, property marketing, and will have access to new leads that answered "Yes" to having mortgage questions.

Recommended Lenders

You can see nearby lenders that are available to pair by adding your zip code to this section, which appears in the My Paired Lender screen.

Any lenders you invite here, will receive an email and will be able to accept your invitation within their account. Once they accept, you'll be notified via email and you'll also see their info in your Open House Sign-in and other property marketing.

If you want to unpair a lender at any time go the "My Paired Lender" menu in Curb Hero ( or in our mobile applications. Here's more information about un-pairing.


Q: How do I pair my preferred lender if I invite and they never received an email?

A: Sometimes banks/broker have powerful email firewalls another option is if you send them this link so they can sign up and pair with you: (and if they have questions how this works you can include this tutorial that has a video that explains everything).

Q: Can I pair more than 1 lender?

A: Agents can only have 1 paired lender at a time however they can unpair and re-pair lenders at any time.

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