How real estate agents can un-pair a lender

Here's how agents can remove a paired lender from being displayed on their Open House Sign-ins & other property marketing.

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Unpairing the Default Lender

Lenders can be unpaired on a specific listing by selecting their information on the top right (near the address) on the Listing Setup screen.

(note unpairing the lender will result our Enhanced Features getting disabled – see below for how to add your preferred lender to keep those enhanced features)

Unpairing a Preferred Lender

If you've paired with a specific lender (ex: your preferred lender) but want to unpair them, here's how:

1. Go the "My Paired Lender" menu in Curb Hero or in our mobile applications

2. Select the "more" icon (it looks like this ⋮ ) next to the lender's information

3. Select the "unpair" option

What Features Can I Still Use When Unpaired from a Lender?

All of our core Open House Sign-in features can still be used for free even when unpaired from a lender - that includes:

  • Branded digital Open House Sign-in that works on iOS, Android, and web browsers on all devices

  • Unlimited usage so no cap on the number of listings or leads you can add

  • Customizable questions and text follow up

  • Direct CRM integrations and over 5000+ app integrations via Zapier

  • Offline functionality

Other Open House Apps charge agents at least $20/month for these features. With Curb Hero these features can be used 100% for free and without any lender involvement.

Adding a new Preferred Lender

If you'd like to add a new preferred lender (and keep using our enhanced features) you can invite them right inside our app by going to "My Paired Lender" (it's in our main menu ☰) OR invite them by using this form

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