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What is 'My Link' in Curb Hero?
What is 'My Link' in Curb Hero?

'My Link' is a branded landing page that's tied to your Dynamic QR Code and can be used for all kinds of mobile marketing

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My Link is a branded landing page that's tied to your Dynamic QR Code

We dive deep into the Dynamic QR Code here but the key benefit is that you'll never need another QR Code again. You can update My Link anytime and your Dynamic QR Code will stay the same.

No more juggling different QR Codes. That means there's no need to change out your designs or re-order print marketing assets. This also means LOTS of new print marketing concepts are available including putting QR Codes on your signage.

My Link can be used for all kinds of mobile marketing including social media too

My Link solves a common problem that agents and lenders face on social media: how can I convert my social media audience into legit leads that I can market directly to and nurture along with the other prospects in my database?

Instagram is a great example

Instagram has become a powerful promotional tool for real estate professionals but they don't give an easy way for your audience to take the next step towards working with you because a) they prevent using links in your posts (unless you're an advertiser) and b) they only allow only one link in your IG bio
That means you can only drive people from your content to that one "link in bio" which limits marketing effectiveness.
To solve this, we created the My Link to use as your link in bio. It enables multiple links in your Instagram bio, integrates the listings you've created within Curb Hero, and uses powerful lead capture to convert followers into legit prospects. There's no subscription needed and we added loads of features for high performing agents and lenders.

  1. add multiple links to your Instagram bio (works with FB/Twitter/YouTube/LinkedIn/etc)

  2. Include links to listings, content, or client tools that you want to promote

  3. one-tap call/text/email contact options so prospects can easily get in touch.

  4. Add fields like license, broker info, and disclosures to make sure you're compliant with your region's advertising guidelines

  • continue to post great content on your social media profiles but continually mention in your captions to "check the link in my bio to learn more" - this is important on platforms like Instagram where you can't add clickable links in your posts.

  • make sure the My Link URL is used in the "website" field within your social media

  • within My Link, add links to what you're promoting in your content (ex: listing coming soon, open house this weekend, feature article about your team).

Why use the My Link instead of your regular desktop website?

My Link is especially useful vs your desktop website because you can make it really simple for your audience to take the next step from a post or story. So if you're mentioning a specific listing, or a link to book time with you OR an article you are featured in, IF those links are in your your audience has a SUPER clear path to get that additional content and engage more with your business.
Alternatively, desktop websites aren't focused enough, especially when opened on a mobile phone.

As a result there's less drop-off with your audience when they go to My Link to find the info that they came for.

Why use the My Link instead of other "link in bio" options?

My Link has a bunch of features that only agents and lenders will truly appreciate. Here are a few highlights:

  • It's built for lead capture, social sharing, and mobile optimized contact options so you can efficiently convert your audience into real estate leads

  • We integrate with 2000+ CRMs and marketing apps, and have lead verification and background info lookup.

  • It's designed to meet real estate advertising guidelines with the ability to configure specific broker, license, title, and disclosures. See more about the compliance features here.

  • My Link works hand in hand with our listing microsites (here's how those can be created) so that your social media audience can view more info about your listings and submit their interest with powerful, mobile optimized contact forms. These contact forms are now compatible with Instagram's autofill feature for 1 tap lead entry.

  • All contact form submissions appear within the My Leads screen in Curb Hero. We pull background/social/occupation info for all leads (whenever available) AND sync to other apps via our zapier integration.

  • Also your My Link AND listing microsites include a mobile optimized call to action which allows people that want to get in touch right away, to call/text/email you with one click. The contact information we use for you is stored in My Profile on Curb Hero

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