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The Dynamic QR Code - the last QR Code you'll ever need
The Dynamic QR Code - the last QR Code you'll ever need

You can change the content for this QR Code anytime and this QR Code stays the same. That means it can be used for all of your marketing.

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πŸ˜„ Why QR Codes are great: they can drive digital engagement from real world marketing like signs, post cards, billboards, TV commercials etc.

😑 Why QR Codes are annoying: you need a new QR Code for almost every marketing need. That means new designs, new printed materials, time, and expense.

...but with our Dynamic QR Code you'll never need to re-generate another QR Code again.

Here's a video that goes through the setup

Note: If you haven't created a My Link microsite yet we go over it briefly in the video above BUT more info on how to do that here.

How to set up a Dynamic QR Code

The Dynamic QR Code feature is enabled as soon as you create a My Link microsite, and there's a video tutorial for that right here.

Once you have a My Link you'll see the Dynamic QR Code in the app's main menu ☰. You can click that QR code to download the actual QR code image and then use it in your designs (we've got a bunch of design templates here that you can customize).

Also we should clarify why the Dynamic QR Code feature is tied to your My Link...

  1. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for users to start using the Dynamic QR Code feature and many users already use their My Link microsite as a link in bio.

  2. There are many similarities between the link in bio and a dynamic QR code. Both are branded mobile pages that are used to direct an audience to specific content.

How can I focus a Dynamic QR Code on just one listing?

This is covered in the My Link takeover tutorial but it let's you focus your landing page on just one listing as a "takeover" of the My Link microsite.

Also here's how to focus your Dynamic QR Code on an Open House Sign-in for a listing.

Note: visitors can close the takeover to view the other content in the My Link microsite

Adding Other Content to the Dynamic QR Code

Because the Dynamic QR Code opens the My Link Microsite, it can be configured to:

  • Focus on just one listing as we described above

  • Display non-property related content (ex: Home Evaluation Tools) as well as listings that you want to promote. The video tutorial above shows how to do that but you can also see these options in the My Link screen.

*to add non-property related content, navigate to the My Link screen. Then select the option marked with the blue arrow in the screenshot above

Dynamic QR Code FAQs

Are other listing specific QR codes still available?

Yes you can still use listing specific QR codes - here's a tutorial on using these.

What are the differences between the Dynamic QR Code and other QR Codes?

With the Dynamic QR Code feature, you can change the landing page for your QR code whenever you'd like.

All you need is to create a My Link microsite (which takes seconds)

What are some ways I can use these in my print marketing?

Since you'll only need one QR code for all of your marketing needs this unlocks new marketing possibilities:

  • include a QR code on your For Sale and Open House signs so people can scan the code to get the details on the property

  • you don't need to reprint your post cards or door hangers for every property that's "Coming Soon", "Just Listed" or "Sold".

We've got lots more QR code friendly templates here that you can customize to fit your brand.

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