Partner Program

Our partner program rewards agents, lenders, and other real estate businesses for sharing our app.

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Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up for our partner program (current users of our app can't use their existing account because the partner portal requires that a separate account gets created)

  2. Share your unique partner link with agents and lenders that might get value from our platform

  3. Get paid when agents sign up OR when lenders create subscriptions ($100 for each!)


Q: Can you provide details about the affiliate program and what the commission structure is?

A: For lender subscription referrals you get a commission of 30% of their subscription cost (for 18 months) this could exceed $100 for one lender. For agent referrals, you get $1 for each new account referred. NOTE: We can't bonus much for agents since it's free for them, but it's not nothing, right?!

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