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Copy, delete or re-arrange the pages of a book
Copy, delete or re-arrange the pages of a book

Use the Pages view from the toolbar to rearrange your pages

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Rearranging pages

  1. Click the Pages button in the toolbar

  2. You can drag and drop pages as you need to, or click the 3-dot menu and click Move

  3. Choose the destination and click the Move button

Inserting new pages

You can insert a new page anywhere you like in the book. Click on the 3-dot menu on the page after you want your new page to be inserted. Click on Insert and the page will be added.

Deleting or copying individual pages

You can use the same 3-dot menu on any page to copy it or delete it. Click on the Copy option to copy it directly after the page you're copying. Or choose Copy to... to copy it to a different book altogether.

Deleting or copying multiple pages

  1. Click on the Select button in the top right when in Pages view.

  2. Click on the pages you want to delete, then click the Delete button. Note - you cannot recover these pages after they are deleted.

  3. If you're copying the pages, you'll choose the library, then the books that you want to copy to. You can copy to all the books in the library by choosing the checkbox next to the library name at the top. This is a perfect way to add material to student books later on in a course

See it in action in the video below:

Working with pages in Book Creator for iPad

The process is very similar in Book Creator for iPad, with some variations.

  1. Tap on the Pages link in the toolbar.

  2. Tap on Edit, in the top right of the screen. The pages will begin to shake.

  3. You can now rearrange the pages by dragging and dropping.

  4. Tap on a page and you'll see a popup menu allowing you to Copy, Insert or Delete the page.

  5. When you're finished, tap Done.

  6. Next, you have to TAP ON ANY PAGE to go back to your book. If you tap Cancel, your changes won't be saved!

In Book Creator for iPad, you can only copy pages within the same book, you can't copy them to other books.

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