Book Creator supports student sign in with a QR code. This is designed for younger students who may not yet have an email address, and is a super simple way to access the app.

Teacher instructions

1. Click on your avatar and choose 'QR logins'.

2. Type or paste your students' names. Each student will have their own QR code so that you can identify their books in your library.

3. Choose a library for your students. When they first sign in they will be automatically added to this library.

4. Print and cut out the QR codes (perhaps laminate them?) and hand out to your students.

Student instructions

1. Visit and choose 'I am a student'

2. Choose 'Sign in with QR code'

3. Hold your QR code in front of your device's camera. You may have to allow camera access in Chrome if this is the first time.

4. Choose an awesome avatar the first time you sign in. Next time you won't need to do this.

5. That's it - you're in. Get creating!

Student Instructions for the iPad

 If your students are using iPads this is even easier. Just ask them to open the Camera app and bring the QR code into focus. The iPad will then automatically sign them into Book Creator using the Safari browser. 


Q: One of my students has lost their QR code.

A: No problem. Just click on your avatar and choose 'QR logins' to see all your generated codes. From there you can print out an individual code.

Q: We're using Chrome on an iPad. Where is the 'Sign in with QR code' button?

A: Websites in Chrome on an iPad can't access the camera. Instead to scan a QR code click in the address bar to bring up Chrome's keyboard. Then use the QR scan button above the keyboard to snap your code.

Alternatively use the iPad's camera to open the QR code and use the Safari browser. 

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