Student logins without an email

Students don't have an email account? Set up student logins so that they can easily sign in with a link or a QR code

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If your students don’t have a Google or Microsoft email account you can set up student logins. This is a super simple way for students to sign in by clicking on a link or scanning a QR code and is perfect for younger students.

Teacher instructions

1. Click on your avatar and choose 'Student logins'.

2. Type or paste all your students' names. 

Each student needs their own login so that they can only edit their own books and you can identify their work.

3. Choose a library for these students. 

When they first sign in they will automatically join this library.

4. Distribute the logins to your students.

Now choose how you would like your students to login - by scanning a QR badge or by clicking on a link (they can also use both interchangeably).

If you're in the classroom and your devices have a camera then printing and cutting out the QR badges is a great option. 

If your student devices don't have a camera or you are distance learning then login links will be best - each student gets a unique link to easily sign in.

Student login with a link

This is super easy - students just click on their personal login link and they automatically join your library ready to get creative!

The first time they sign in they'll also get to choose an awesome avatar.

Student login with a QR badge

1. Students visit and choose 'Sign in with QR code'

2. They then hold their QR badge in front of the device's camera. They may have to allow camera access in the browser if this is the first time.

3. Once the QR badge is scanned they are in! The first time they sign in they will also get to choose an awesome avatar.

Simplified QR scanning on the iPad

If your students are using iPads this is even easier. Just ask them to open the Camera app and bring the QR code into focus. The iPad will then automatically sign them into Book Creator using the Safari browser. 


A: No problem. Just click on your avatar and choose 'Student logins' to see all your generated codes. From there you can print out an individual code.

Q: We're using Chrome on an iPad. Where is the 'Sign in with QR code' button?

A: Websites in Chrome on an iPad can't access the camera. Instead to scan a QR code click in the address bar to bring up Chrome's keyboard. Then use the QR scan button above the keyboard to snap your code.

Alternatively use the iPad's camera to open the QR code and use the Safari browser. 

Q: I think someone else is signing in as my student

A: If you think someone else is using your students QR badge or login link you can quickly reset the login. This will stop the old login from working and generate a new QR badge and link for your student. Just open the 'Student logins' screen, click the 3 dots next to your student's name and choose 'Reset login'.

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