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Combine books in Book Creator
Combine books in Book Creator

How to combine books in a library into one combined book

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Teachers often want to know how students can collaborate to make a class book. 

If you don't have access to our real-time collaboration feature, you can still collaborate by having students create a page of their book individually - and then the teacher can combine the books into one.

In the web app, you can combine multiple books at once. However, if you combine books that are different shapes, the combined book will always be a landscape book.

  1. Click the Books button beneath any book.

  2. Choose Combine books.

  3. Select the books you want to combine - choose them in the order you want them to display in the book.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Give the new combined book a name. You can also change the author name if you need to. Then click Create Book.

  6. You'll see your new book appear on the bookshelf, with an auto-generated front cover - you can edit this if you need to.

Combining books in Book Creator for iPad

The process is similar, with a few important distinctions:

  1. You can only combine two books at once.

  2. They need to be the same page layout (portrait, square or landscape).

Essentially, when you combine books on the iPad app, you are copying the pages from one book to another. It does not create a separate new book.

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