To access the shapes, click the + button in the toolbar and then switch tabs from Media to Shapes.

In Book Creator for iPad, you'll find this under the + button, then ...More > Shapes.

Click on a shape to add it to the page. Once added, it can be resized using the blue handles around the shape (some shapes also have a green handle for extra manipulation). Or you can click on the Inspector (i) button in the toolbar to:

  • Change the colour of the shape
  • Add a shadow
  • Add a border (with further options to change the colour and size of the border)
  • Move the shape back or forward
  • Delete the image

Speech bubbles and thought clouds

If you add a speech bubble or cloud, you can add text to it by double-clicking inside the bubble and typing. When you click on the Inspector you'll see the option to edit text settings too. This also works for square/rectangles and circles.

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