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Let's look at the ways in which you can add an image from your computer, your cloud drive, or from the web—straight into your book

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To add your own images, click on the + button in the toolbar and then choose Images. Click on the link to upload from your own computer.

You'll also find the Files option if you click the + button and then choose More. You'll see a menu like this:


Clicking on the Files tab will open the File manager on your computer. You can navigate to the image/video you want and choose it by double-clicking and it will add to the page.

Google Drive

Alternatively, you can access your Google Drive files and add images that way. See 'Connecting to Google Drive'.


A final way to add images is to use the Embed method. For this, you'll need to know the web address of the image - you can get that by right-clicking on it and clicking Copy image address (in Chrome - it will be called something similar in other browsers).

Then, click on the Embed option in menu and paste the URL into the box and click Confirm.

A quicker way to hack this is to simply drag and drop the image from another web page onto the page in Book Creator! This will work most of the time (but not always). But remember, a lot of images on the web will be subject to copyright, so be careful to understand whether or not the image can be used this way.

Book Creator for iPad

In Book Creator for iPad, all of your photos and videos are accessed via your iPad's Photo Library. So when you tap on the Photos in the menu you'll see a list of your albums from which to choose a photo or video. Just tap on the one you want and it will appear on the page.

Another way of accessing photos and video on your iPad is by tapping the + button, then the More tab and then choosing Files. This will access the Files app which is built in to iPadOS.

If you want to add photos or videos from the Files app on your iPad, which will give you access to 3rd party drives, read our article: Share content to Book Creator for iPad from your cloud drives.

Next steps

Once you've uploaded a photo or a video, you can read the next steps for:

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