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Add a Google Map to your book
Add a Google Map to your book

It's surprisingly easy to add a map to your book in Book Creator!

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To get started, head over to the Teacher Dashboard and enable Google Maps by clicking on the app card. You can choose to enable it just for you, or for your students too. Note - you will need a premium subscription to be able to add Google Maps to your books.

To use Google Maps in Book Creator, click on the + button, then More and choose Google Maps.

Use the search bar to find the place you're looking for, or use navigate on the map itself and zoom in and out. You can switch between Map or Satellite mode. When you're ready, click the Add button.

Book Creator for iPad

In Book Creator for iPad, the process is slightly different. You can find the Maps feature by tapping the + button, then the More tab. This will embed from Apple Maps, rather than Google Maps.

Opening the More... menu in Book Creator for iPad

Editing options

Once the map is on the page, you can move it around and resize it as you wish. Click on it once and you'll get the blue border around it. At this point you can click the pencil icon in the top right of the map to make further changes - you can zoom in or out or switch from Map to Satellite mode.


If you click on the Inspector (i button) you can add an alt text description for the map (useful for screen readers).

Viewing the map

When you're happy with how the map is displayed, if you switch to Read mode the map will display as you intended, much the same way an image would. Why not annotate the map with the pen tool or record your voice explaining what the map shows?

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