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Activate your 14-day collaboration free trial
Activate your 14-day collaboration free trial

Allow students to work on the same book at the same time (premium feature)

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Our real-time collaboration feature is available with any paid plan for Book Creator online.

But if you're on a free plan right now, you can still test out the feature by activating a 14-day free trial. (Note - this trial is only for collaboration, it doesn't unlock other premium features such as Noun Project icons and 1,000 books/unlimited libraries).

Here's how you activate your free trial:

1. Create a library

Collaboration only works in a library that you've created (so, it won't work in your personal 'My Books' library). So, the first step is to make sure you have created your library.

If you've already created a library, just navigate to that library instead and make sure you've added at least one book.

2. Hit the collaborate button

Choose a book and click on the Share icon beneath the book, then choose Collaborate.

3. Start your free trial

A screen will pop up explaining about the 14-day trial, with a video so you can see what collaboration looks like. When you're ready, click on the Start my free trial today button. No payment or credit card is necessary to begin the trial. At the end of the trial, the feature will stop working, and you'll need to upgrade to a paid plan if you want to continue using collaboration.

4. Start collaborating!

Once you've clicked to start the trial, the last step is to turn on collaboration for the book. Click the button and you're ready to go. You'll see the 'collaborative' icon at the top of the book. At this stage, you'll want to look at our article on 'How to collaborate in real-time in Book Creator'.

Note, in the bottom left of the screen on your library bookshelf, you'll see how many days of the trial are remaining.

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