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Can I sync my books between Book Creator online and Book Creator for iPad?
Can I sync my books between Book Creator online and Book Creator for iPad?

How to manually transfer your books between our two separate apps

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We get asked a lot about whether you can sign in to Book Creator for Chrome and/or Book Creator for iPad and see all the books you've made on either device.

You can't do this, as the iPad app and web app are independent from each other. Book Creator for iPad is an offline app that doesn't require sign-in. However, it might interest to you know that the web app works on iPads in Safari (iOS 14+).

However, you can easily transfer books from the iPad to the web app or vice versa. Let's look at how that's done.

Sending from iPad to online app

  1. In Book Creator for iPad, export the book as an ePub file and save it to a cloud app.

  2. In Book Creator online, use the Import book option to retrieve the ePub file from your cloud app.

Tip: if you sending a book from an iPad to a MacBook or iMac, you can simpy AirDrop it between the devices.

Sending a book from the online app to the iPad

  1. Save the ePub file to your computer and then add it to your cloud app.

  2. Import the book in Book Creator for iPad - tap the Books icon beneath your book on the bookshelf, and choose Import. Then navigate using the Files app to find your book - use the Browse tab and make sure you have given access to your 3rd party cloud apps first.

It's much easier to do this all on an iPad. You can sign into in Safari or Chrome on your iPad, export the book as an ePub and then add it to Book Creator from the Downloads folder on the Files app - long tap on the ePub file, tap Share, choose More and then Copy to Book Creator.

Here's what that looks like:

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