In April 2018 we updated Book Creator to include a 'Read to me' function.

If you're reading your book in 'Read mode', or viewing a book that has been published online, you can click a button to have the book read to you. You'll see the 'Read to me' button in the top toolbar.

Just press the Read to me button and you will hear the book read to you, with each word highlighted as it's read. Audio and video will automatically play too. Click the Stop reading button to stop.


Click on the cog icon next to the Read to me button to access the reading settings:

Display - toggle between side by side pages or single page view.

Voice - Choose the language you would like read in. Some languages have more than one reading voice option, but it depends on which browser you're using.

Highlight words - Toggle on/off.

Turn pages automatically - Toggle on/off. The pages will turn automatically by default and the book will keep reading.

Play multimedia - Toggle on/off whether or not to play and audio hotspots or embedded video whilst reading.

Slow speech rate - Use the slider to slow down or speed up the speech rate.

Frequently asked questions

Can't see 'Read to me'? Here's why

The 'Read to me' function does not work in the following browsers/devices:

  • Internet Explorer

  • Firefox

  • Safari on iOS 9 or below

  • Android phones

In addition, if you are using Safari on iOS 10 or higher, media playback is disabled by default (and cannot be altered), so the book will read but any audio or video will not be played.

Can I just have my voice read to me, not the computer?

If you've recorded your own audio onto the page, you can toggle off whether or not that is played, but you can't choose to only play your audio hotspots without the computer voice. As a workaround, you could take a screenshot of the text on the page, delete the text and add it as an image. That way, the computer won't recognize it as text and won't read it.

Enabling multimedia playback on Safari on a Mac computer

To prevent websites annoying us with auto-playing adverts, recent versions of Safari will block auto-play of audio and video with sound. If you would like 'read to me' to auto-play any audio or video in your book, you can turn this on just for Book Creator books in Safari's preferences, as shown below.

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