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Add an embed code from another website or app
Add an embed code from another website or app

Many websites offer an embed code to share their content (usually an iframe). You can embed that content inside your book

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How to add the code to Book Creator

Once you have copied the embed code, in Book Creator, you'll navigate to the page where you want to add this content.

1. Click the + button in the toolbar

2. Click the More button

3. Click on the Embed option in the menu (you might need to scroll down to find it if you've enabled some of the apps from our App Store).

4. Paste your embed code (usually an <iframe>) into the space provided, then click Confirm web link.

5. Wait for the link to be validated, then add a title for the embed link and click the Add button.

Book Creator for iPad

The process is very similar but you'll find the Web Embed option by tapping the + button, then the More tab and then the Web Embed.

Options for displaying the link

Now you have the link on your page, you can resize it and move it as you wish. When it's selected, you can also click the Inspector and change a few more things:

  • Toggle on/off the thumbnail image (if the embed code contains one)

  • Change the link title text

  • Toggle on/off the link title

  • Change the font/color of the link title

  • Move the link backwards or forwards to layer it on the page

Viewing the embedded content

At this point, you can click on the text or the thumbnail (in read mode or edit mode) and the content will pop out from the page. In most cases you can then switch to full screen or open the link in a new tab.

You'll be able to interact with the content in the same way you normally would.

Click the X button to go back to your book.

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