Book Creator can be added to Canvas allowing teachers and students to sign in without needing to create an account. 

You will need a school or district subscription to Book Creator with access to the Admin Dashboard.

Step 1. Get your credentials from the Admin Dashboard

Visit and choose LMS Integration from the left hand menu. Then generate a Key and Secret which you'll need for Canvas.

Step 2. Add Book Creator to Canvas

Search for Book Creator in the Canvas App Store (under Settings -> Apps)

Then install Book Creator using the Key and Secret from earlier.

That's it! Teachers can now choose Book Creator as an external tool in their Modules or Assignments. 

Read more: Teacher instructions

Frequently asked questions

What will happen if some of my teachers or students already have Book Creator accounts?

This is fully supported. We will match an account using email address and all of their books and libraries will be available to them. They can also continue to sign in with their original method (Google, Office 365 etc) alongside a Canvas sign in.

Can teachers sign in through Canvas without a paid Book Creator licenses?

Yes, you can make Book Creator available to all your teachers through Canvas. If no Book Creator license is available for them in the Admin Dashboard we will automatically assign them the free version of Book Creator.

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