Use Book Creator with Canvas

Steps for teachers to add Book Creator to a Canvas assignment or module

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Book Creator can be integrated into Canvas allowing it to be easily launched from a Canvas Assignment or a Module by students. Students and teachers can launch Book Creator straight from Canvas without needing to create any accounts.


Your School or District has a subscription to Book Creator, and your Canvas administrator has added Book Creator as an app.

Adding Book Creator to a Canvas Assignment

To add Book Creator into an assignment scroll down to Submission Type and choose External Tool. Then click Find, choose Book Creator, and click Select.

For the best creation experience we recommend always opening Book Creator in a new tab. Displaying it in a smaller frame within Canvas can make content creation more difficult for students.

Adding Book Creator to a Canvas Module

To add Book Creator into a module, first add an item to the module, then choose External Tool, and select Book Creator.

Scroll down and select 'Load in a new tab' for the best student experience.

And that's it!

Your students can now launch Book Creator direct from the assignment or module without needing to sign in. All their work will be stored in your teacher libraries within Book Creator.

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