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Publishing a whole library of books

An easy way to share all the books in your library at once

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In January 2019 we launched a new feature allowing you to publish whole libraries online. Here's how you do it.

1. Click on the Library Settings cog icon on the toolbar

This icon is to the right of the New Book button in the toolbar. Note that if you are in your private My Books library, you won't see this icon.

Click on the Publish library online button.

2. Enter the Title and description

Follow the instructions on the screen. You have 150 characters for the description. When ready, click Next.

3. Choose the privacy settings

You have 3 options:

  • Only people with the link - this will create a link to your library that you can share with people. It is not searchable on Google.

  • Only people with the link and password - Add a password of your choice to protect the library.

  • Allow my library to be discovered by other schools - This is a "public" setting for your library which means your library and the books within are published with a view to sharing with others.  

4. Add the grade and subject levels

It's important to add this data to your library as this is how we'll be able to sort and filter for books in future. Imagine being able to find all the math books written by grade 3 students from around the world!

5. Choose a theme

You have a 8 variations to choose from. When you're done, click the button that says Confirm and publish online.

The animation will tell you that your library is published. At any point you can click on the library settings icon again to edit the settings or view the link to your library. This is also how you stop publishing the library if you need to.

6. Find the URL for your library

To view the online version, click on the View online button and it will open in a new tab.

Click on the image above to view this library.

Also note that when you are in your Teacher Dashboard, you'll see which libraries have been published as they'll have a small globe icon beside them.

Re-ordering books in a published library

Note, it is possible to change the order of the books in your published library. By default, they will appear in order of when they were created, with the most recent appearing first. If you want to change the order, see this article: Re-order the books in your library

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