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Book Creator is used in schools all over the world, in all subject and age groups! Making a book is universal.


Whether you teach elementary, middle school or high school, Book Creator can fit into your teaching. It's completely open-ended - get creative with how you use Book Creator, and see how engaged your students are. Comic books, STEM journals, interactive stories, digital portfolios - you can make books in any lesson. Students will show what they know, whilst improving literacy and creative skills.

Students can create books and publish them for various topics, and it becomes part of the normal workflow of the classroom - it doesn’t feel like an “add on”, or get in the way of learning. Get ready for that magic moment when you publish student work and share it with parents!


There are two main things that appeal to students - firstly, how simple Book Creator is to use: just click + and everything you need is there. They'll be up and running in no time. Secondly, creating work that can be published to an audience beyond the classroom. This is incredibly motivating for children, to realise it's not just the teacher they're creating for. Some kids even work through recess! 

Technology integrators

For those educators charged with bringing technology to their school/district, there are numerous criteria they are looking for:

  1. Is it easy to implement?

  2. Does it help me meet my targets?

  3. How does it fit with the tech we currently have?

  4. Is it affordable?

  5. Will teachers use it?

With Book Creator, we're 100% confident we meet all of these criteria. With a free plan to help teachers get started, to full LMS integration and compatibility with G Suite for Education, this could be the one app you need to bring creativity to your classroom.

The real wow moment comes when you show Book Creator to teachers for the first time and they just "get it". Then watch as they start adapting their lessons and using it in ways they haven't been shown!


Awarded Best Website by the American Association for School Librarians in 2018, Book Creator can be an invaluable tool for librarians. You can use it as a creativity tool for students and then showcase their work in published libraries. You can make reading more engaging by creating your own differentiated books. This works really well for "book-tasting" sessions.


Over 90% of administrators say that effective use of technology within instruction is important for achieving their school/district’s core mission (EdSurge Research, 2016). 

Education is changing and new research (Gallup, 2019) has proven that creativity in learning, especially when supported by transformative uses of technology, leads to positive outcomes. As such, students who experience creative classrooms are more likely to develop these five cognitive skills:

  • Engaging in problem solving

  • Demonstrating critical thinking

  • Retaining what they have learned

  • Making connections between different subjects

  • Having deep learning of subject matter

Book Creator can help schools and districts meet their learning targets, and its cross-curricular nature presents excellent value for money - no need to deploy multiple apps across various subject areas. 

Book Creator has an excellent reputation for security, privacy and accessibility, and is a trusted option for administrators who want to bring creativity to their curriculum.

Self-published authors

Although our online app is solely for use in classrooms, our downloadable iPad app is available for home use too and has been used as a self-publishing tool since 2011. Book Creator produces standards-compliant ePub 3, fixed layout ebooks. These are optimised for publishing on Apple's Book Store and we've seen some amazing books made by talented authors. The simplicity and affordability of Book Creator makes it a great option for authors looking for a quick and easy way to publish their books.

Using Book Creator in the classroom

To see examples and ideas from real classrooms, check out our library of books (made in Book Creator).

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