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On what devices and platforms can I use Book Creator?
On what devices and platforms can I use Book Creator?

Tablets, laptops, PCs, Chromebooks and more

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The downloadable Book Creator for iPad app will only work on iPads. You'll need an iPad with iOS 15 installed to be able to use the most recent version of Book Creator.

Book Creator online is available at It will work on devices that can run the Chrome or Safari browser - so that includes Chromebooks, Windows laptops/PCs, Apple devices such as iPads, MacBooks and iMacs, and other brands of handheld devices like Chrome tablets, Android tablets or Surface tablets. If you are using the web app on an iPad you will need iOS 14 or higher.

You'll need to use one of the following browsers:

Book Creator won't work on iPhones or other smartphones, as the screen size is too small. It also won't work in other browsers such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Also note that for Book Creator to display the screen size needs to be wider than 600px and/or higher than 570px. So that means it won't work on smartphones, and some smaller tablets. If your screen size is too small or the browser window isn't displaying fully, you'll get a message saying 'Enlarge browser window'.

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