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6 key questions for schools and districts
6 key questions for schools and districts

Here are the questions to ask when considering Book Creator for your school

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  1. Why do teachers love Book Creator?

  2. Which of your teachers will use this app?

  3. How will Book Creator support student learning?

  4. How will Book Creator be implemented in your schools?

  5. Does Book Creator provide value for money?

  6. Is student data secure?

1. Why do teachers love Book Creator?

In a 2018 survey of 668 teachers in the US, 98% said that ‘Book Creator has made a positive impact on their teaching’ and 97.4% said it ‘helped students make better use of the available devices’.

The power of Book Creator lies in its simplicity. Teachers and students can take a familiar object — a book — and extend its creative potential as far as their imaginations will allow. Every teacher knows what a book looks like, and can immediately generate ideas for how one can fit into their curriculum.

Of all the feedback we get from teachers about Book Creator, the thing we hear the most is that it’s very easy to use (for teachers and students alike). Academic studies have shown that teachers are more likely to use technology when it fits within their existing practice and matches the existing culture and beliefs of the classroom (Ertmer et al., 2012; Zhao & Frank, 2003; Zhao, Pugh, Sheldon, & Byers, 2002).

2. Which of your teachers will use this app?

Book Creator is a creation tool with endless possibilities. It can be used for almost every subject throughout K-12: Literacy, English, Sciences, ELL, Special Education, Math and Social Studies. Though frequent uses often include the creation of journals, portfolios, storybooks, notebooks, and reports, we hear of new and ingenious ways of using Book Creator in the classroom every day.

Because of the simplicity of its interface, teachers quickly master how to work with Book Creator. Teachers of all comfort levels with technology can easily envision new ways to create lessons or activities that take advantage of Book Creator and the devices in their classroom.

3. How will Book Creator support student learning?

We’ve worked with many teachers, learning technologists, librarians and special education teachers since 2011 to improve Book Creator and develop it with teacher feedback first and foremost in our mind.

Overwhelmingly, Book Creator has improved outcomes for students across the curriculum, and many of these stories are documented on our website.

If your goal is to improve literacy, Book Creator can help. If you want to improve engagement from special education students, we’ve seen that happen. Need to support ELL students? Book Creator has shown to be effective.

We’d be happy to explore your specific targets and objectives and explain how Book Creator can help, potentially linking you up with teachers who have achieved success already.

4. How will Book Creator be implemented in your schools?

We’ll supply you with a dedicated admin dashboard for you to deploy your Book
Creator licenses among your teachers. Here you can assign and re-assign licenses
as and when you need to.

Book Creator already integrates with G Suite for Education and Microsoft Office
365 for easy sign-in, but we can also integrate with your LMS to make everything
smooth and simple for your deployment.

Should any teachers need help getting started, we’ll draw up a bespoke
programme based on your district size and needs:

  • Teacher accreditation and online course

  • Registration system and tracking

  • Dedicated account management

  • Training pack and materials

  • Onboarding and implementation

  • Link to a huge network of teachers and learning technologists

5. Does Book Creator provide value for money?

With the difficult task of managing school budgets, you need to know that you are getting value for money from every purchase you commit to.

The open-ended nature of Book Creator means that you don’t necessarily need a dedicated science app, portfolio tool or special needs software as Book Creator can substitute for these more expensive packages. With a little creativity BookCreator can become all of these things and more. We’ve seen students across the grade levels author their own textbooks, create digital portfolios, write non-linear fiction, and publish well cited research journals all within one app.

You may find that Book Creator helps you as a publishing tool for day-to-day school life. For example—training manuals for staff (health and safety, PD, welcome packs etc.), lunch menus, library book reviews…there are endless possibilities.

Volume purchase discounts

We offer significant discounts when buying at District level, and moreover, because Book Creator is so flexible in the subject areas and grade levels it can be used, these licenses can realistically be deployed across all of K-12 as you need them - there aren’t many apps that offer this versatility.

6. Is student data secure?

Book Creator is fully compliant with COPPA, FERPA and other state legislation. We have been awarded the strongest privacy certification for edtech vendors from the Internet Keep Safe Alliance. We are also signatories of the Student Privacy Pledge and GDPR compliant in Europe.

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