3rd party service providers

A list of 3rd party service providers with whom we need to share data

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In order to operate Book Creator we currently use the following 3rd party service providers. Prior to engaging any third-party sub-processor, we perform due diligence to evaluate their privacy, security and confidentiality practices. We do not engage a sub-processor unless our quality standards are met. Our sub-processors are all subject to contract terms that enforce compliance with applicable data protection laws.

Student and teacher data

Service Provider: Firebase Realtime Database from Google
​Purpose: Storage of book metadata
​Terms of service: firebase.google.com/terms

Service Provider: Google Cloud Storage for Firebase
​Purpose: Storage of book assets: text, image, video, audio
​Terms of service: firebase.google.com/terms

Together with iKeepSafe.org we have vetted these service providers to ensure they are fully compliant for use in an educational context and with children under the age of 13.

Teacher account data only

Service Provider: Stripe

Purpose: Payment processing

Terms of service: stripe.com/privacy

Service Provider: Intercom

Purpose: Customer support for teacher accounts

Service Provider: Hubspot

Purpose: Relationship management for sales

Terms of service: legal.hubspot.com

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