In Book Creator online, when you create a library and invite your students to join, only those students (or other teachers) who have the library code can access that library. You can manage who has access to the library by clicking the dropdown underneath the library title.

You can also change the settings of the library to determine whether or not students can see each other's books.

Published books

You can also publish student work online. If you do this, you'll get a secure, private link that you can share with parents and teachers. This is not publicly searchable online, but you have to be aware that the link could be shared onwards once you have sent it to teachers/parents. Books can be unpublished by the teacher at any time, and the teacher has control over whether or not students can publish their own books.

Personal information

Sometimes you might include information about other people as part of book content you create, for example, a photo or audio recording of someone else. Please do not do this unless you have that person’s consent (or their parent’s or guardian’s consent, if applicable).

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