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Use the keyboard for navigation
Use the keyboard for navigation

Here's how to navigate the app online using a keyboard

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When using Book Creator online, you can use your device keyboard to navigate menus, content, pages, and to create!

Use the Tab key to navigate

Pressing the Tab ↹  key will allow you to navigate menus, and content added to your book. Note, if you're using Safari, you'll need to press Option (alt) + Tab together.

The currently selected item will be highlighted. Press Enter to open a menu item. 

Tip: hold Shift ⇧ + Tab to navigate backwards.

Press Space for the context menu

Once you've highlighted an item on your page, you can press the Space bar to open up a contextual menu. Here you'll find a list of options - some of which also have keyboard shortcuts, for example press r to resize or rotate the object with the left/right arrow keys. You can also move highlighted objects with the arrow keys - press Shift at the same time to move the objects further with each press.

Press i for the Inspector

Pressing the i key when an object is highlighted will open the Inspector in the toolbar, so you can format text or add links to images etc.

Use the keyboard for reading books

When reading a book you can start and stop the Read to me function with the Space bar, and you can use the left/right arrow keys to turn the pages.

Use the keyboard for drawing

You can use the keyboard with the pen tool to draw. Once you've selected your pen, use the left/right arrow keys to position the cursor. Then when you're ready to draw, hold down the Space bar as you use the arrow keys to apply the pen. Press Shift at the same time as the arrow keys to move the cursor in bigger jumps (10px at a time).

Other useful keyboard shortcuts

  • Press the Backspace key to delete an object when highlighted.

  • ctrl/cmd + C will copy an object

  • ctrl/cmd + X will cut an object

  • ctrl/cmd + V will paste an object

  • ctrl/cmd + Z is the same as the Undo button

  • Use the left/right arrow keys to navigate through the pages of the book (when nothing is highlighted on the page). This also works for turning pages in read mode, and scrolling through books on your library bookshelf.

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