Be aware that printing an ebook or creating a PDF is tricky to get right. You'll need a bit of trial and error to account for differences in your printer settings, paper sizes, and layouts. This isn't something we can really help with as there too many printer variables! It might help to 

Some people have pointed out that the PDF export includes white margins - this is something that the browser adds and is beyond our control.

Learn more about exporting as a PDF

We are working to improve the whole printing books process so keep an eye out for future developments. One thing to note is that the PDF export process is slightly better if you use the Book Creator for iPad app.

Text wrapping

If you find that text isn't displaying properly (e.g. too many line breaks), often that can be because you haven't positioned the text outline all the way around the text. Go back and move the bounding box so it fully envelopes the text and try exporting again.

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