If you're having problems with Book Creator - for example if the app isn't opening or is crashing regularly, and you contact us for help - we may ask you to access the log files for Book Creator to help us solve the problem.

You'll need a MacBook or iMac, and a lightning cable to connect your iPad to your Mac.

Here's the process:

1. Download Apple Configurator 2

This is a free app from Apple, available on the Mac App Store.

2. Connect your iPad

Open Apple Configurator and connect your iPad, you should see it appear in the app.

3. Navigate to the Console

Right-click on the image of your iPad, and choose Get Info. From the left-hand menu, choose Console

4. Save the log file

Click Clear to create a fresh log file. Now open Book Creator on the iPad and you'll see some text appear in the console in Apple Configurator. Now click Save and you'll have a .log file which can be sent to us.


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