If you are using Book Creator on Shared iPads with Managed Apple IDs you will want to enable support for cloud syncing in Book Creator. 

This ensures a student's books are synced to their iCloud storage and available for download on any iPad they use. This also ensures a student's work is always available even if their normal iPad is restored or purged of their user data.

We support configuration of this feature through AppConfig - an initiative supported by many MDM vendors including VMWare, IBM, JAMF, MobileIron and SOTI. Add the xml below to your MDM configuration.

    <boolean keyName="enableCloudSync">

Alternatively, if your MDM supports plist files for configuring apps use the plist format:

<plist version="1.0">

Testing your configuration

First test that the MDM configuration has been successfully pushed to the iPads. You can check this in the Settings app. Under the entry for Book Creator it should say "Shared iPad Synching" = Enabled.

With that configuration in place you can then try out the synching of books by making a new book on an iPad, then removing and re-installing the app. You should find after a short delay the book re-appears ready for download.

Please note, only the paid version of Book Creator supports cloud syncing.

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