If you're using Book Creator for iPad at home, you may want to allow other family members to download the app to their own iPads. Setting up Family sharing is the way to do this (although we don't recommend this for an educational setting).

If you've bought the full version of Book Creator for iPad from the App Store, there is no issue with sharing it among family members. However, you need to be careful if you've download Book Creator One (our free demo app - no longer available for download).

With Book Creator One, you can only make one book, but you can unlock unlimited books if you purchase the free in-app upgrade. This essentially makes the app exactly the same as the full paid version. But with one exception...

Apple does not allow in-app purchases to be shared with Family Sharing.

So if you try and share the upgraded version of Book Creator One with family members, it will share, but will still be limited to just one book. 

If you plan to share Book Creator among other users, it will be much better for you to buy the full paid app separately, rather than upgrading Book Creator One.

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