Let's say you have an old iPad 2 which can only be updated to iOS 9, and not beyond, but you still want to use Book Creator. It is actually possible to install an older build version of Book Creator in this situation.

Please be aware, we no longer support older versions of Book Creator, so we won't offer you any technical support. Plus you have to realise that some of the newer features of Book Creator may be missing. That being said, older versions of Book Creator are still better than no Book Creator at all!

Here's the process:

  1. You'll need access to a newer iPad that can install the current version of Book Creator.

  2. Go to the Book Creator app page and purchase it - you must use the same Apple ID that you intend to use when you install it on your older iPad.

  3. Once purchased, go the App Store on your older iPad, make sure you're signed in with the same Apple ID and find your Purchased history.

  4. Find Book Creator, and tap on Install. You'll get a message that says Download an older version of this app? Tap Download.

Obviously, if you've already bought Book Creator in the past you can skip the first step of purchasing it again as it will already appear in your Purchased history.

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