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Read your book in the Apple Books app
Read your book in the Apple Books app

If you have an Apple device, you can read your book in the Books app (formerly known as iBooks)

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Before we introduced our own reader within Book Creator, the only way to properly read a book, with the full page-turning experience, was to open it in Apple Books (iBooks).

Apple Books for iPad

Apple Books is a free app that comes pre-installed on your iPad. Book Creator's fixed layout output is optimised for Apple Books, and you can export your book as either ePub or PDF to read your book - but note, you'll only get the audio and video elements if you choose ePub.

Exporting to Apple Books

From the My Books screen, tap the export icon (the one on the right beneath your book) and choose Export as ePub or Export as PDF.

Choose Open in... then the Apple Books icon - it will say Copy to Books. Tap on the icon and it will open up in your Apple Books library.

Change the display settings

You can choose how your book displays when you export it to Apple Books. Tap the title/author beneath your book on the My Books page and choose iBook display settings.

If you choose Side by side pages, your book will have the page-turning effect in iBooks. Single pages will display your pages one by one, with a sliding effect from page to page as you swipe between them.

NOTE: If you choose Side by side pages, iBooks will automatically insert an inside front cover and an inside back cover to your book - making your cover page the first page inside the book. We know this annoys some people, but there's nothing we can do about it, unfortunately!

You can also choose to switch the book to Right to Left reading if your book is in a language that reads in that direction.

Apple Books on a Mac

If you're using Book Creator online on a MacBook or iMac, you can download your book as an ePub or as a PDF, then double-click on the book in Finder to open the book in Apple Books. This works for sending a book to someone else so they can view it offline.

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