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What size image will fill a page?

A handy guide to sizing images so they fit nicely onto your page

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When thinking about the right size for images to fit on the page in your book, it's best not to worry about the image size (as they can be resized) but consider the image dimensions.

So, these are the width:height aspect ratios you'll want:

  • Landscape 4:3

  • Square 1:1

  • Portrait (single page) 2:3

  • Portrait (double page) 4:3

If your image doesn't fit the page perfectly, you can crop it in Book Creator by right-clicking or using the Inspector - lock the aspect ratio to get the best result.

The largest image allowable by Book Creator is 2 million pixels. For best quality results prepare your image as large as possible. This ensures the best quality even after compression, or if the user zooms in. Book Creator will automatically shrink any images bigger than 2 million pixels to meet the limit.

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