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Add a GarageBand track to Book Creator
Add a GarageBand track to Book Creator

Using Book Creator for iPad? This is how you can send audio from GarageBand straight to your page

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If you're using a Mac, you could easily export a song using GarageBand and then upload the file to your book in Book Creator online. Just go to Media > Import > Files and choose your audio. Make sure you've exported the audio in one of our approved audio media formats.

For this article, we're going to look at how to transfer songs you've made in GarageBand on your iPad straight to Book Creator.

1. Export the song from GarageBand

Once you've finished your track and saved it in GarageBand, it will appear as an icon on the GarageBand home screen.

  • Long tap on the icon and you'll see the Share option at the bottom of the menu

  • Tap on that, choose Song format

  • Choose the quality you want to export at, then tap Done

  • Now tap on the Book Creator icon, and once it's exported you'll get a message saying Shared to Book Creator

2. Add the audio in Book Creator

  • Tap on the + button in the toolbar, and choose the Shared tab at the bottom of the menu. Your audio file will be listed here.

  • Tap on it and you'll get the option of adding it as a regular audio hotspot, or as a soundtrack, meaning it will play across the whole book.

  • Note: Soundtracks only work if you export the finished books to Apple Books and we will be discontinuing this feature in the future.

Here's the whole process:

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