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Export your book as a video file (iPad only)
Export your book as a video file (iPad only)

Share your book as a movie so it can be viewed universally

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Book Creator for iPad is limited to 10 published ebooks, so we also offer the option to export your book as a video, so it can be shared and viewed on any device.

  1. Go to the My Books screen, and tap the Share icon below your book

  2. Tap 'Export as Video'

  3. Tap 'Save Video' to save directly to your iPad Photo Library, or

  4. Tap 'Save to Files' to save the video file to your iPad or to a cloud app.

FAQ - what order do audio and video elements play?

If your book has multiple audio hotspots or videos on a page, these will play automatically from top to bottom, or, if they are at the same level, from left to right.

One other thing to note though - if you have a portrait book it will play multimedia on the left page first, then the right page.

A note about soundtracks

If you've added a soundtrack to your book, this won't be exported. See this video about how to add a soundtrack using iMovie on your iPad to get around this.

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