Seesaw is a popular app for sharing portfolios of student work.

The best way to share student work to Seesaw is to publish the book first, so you then have a URL link that you can post to Seesaw.

Seesaw can only share PDF or video files (not ePub files) so whilst you could export the book as a PDF or video, you'd lose some of the interactivity of the book. Therefore we recommend sharing the link to the book so it can be opened and read on any device.

  1. Click the green +Add button and choose Post Student Work

  2. Choose Link

  3. Copy and paste the URL of the book (remember, this should be a published book starting - if your URL starts with then you haven't published it.

  4. Add any student reflection

  5. Select the student(s) that authored the book

  6. Click the green check button to proceed.

Sharing a PDF or video to Seesaw (iPad)

Using the Seesaw Class app, teachers can share student work directly from Book Creator to Seesaw. We still recommend using the Link method as above, but Book Creator for iPad is limited to publishing 10 books, so you may want to export as a video or PDF instead.

This book has no multimedia in it, so we're going to choose to export as a PDF.

  1. Tap the Share icon beneath the book

  2. Choose Export as PDF (here you'd choose Video if you wanted the video file)

  3. Choose Single pages or Side by side pages

  4. Tap on the Seesaw icon

  5. Choose the student(s) that authored the book

  6. Tap on the green check mark to proceed

  7. Wait for the item to upload, then view it in Seesaw

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