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Share Book Creator books to Showbie
How to send your book directly from Book Creator for iPad to the Showbie iPad app
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Showbie is unique among classroom apps in that they specifically developed the app to include the ability to preview Book Creator ePub files.

So here's how you export your book from Book Creator for iPad and read it in the Showbie app.

  1. Tap the Share icon beneath your book on the My Books screen

  2. Choose Export as ePub

  3. Tap on the Showbie icon

  4. Choose the Class to post to, then the Collection, and choose which students to share with

  5. Tap Add File

  6. Wait for the file to upload to Showbie, then navigate to it

  7. Tap on the title and it will download to Showbie, allowing you to read it - turn the pages and play multimedia!

Learn more from Showbie

This video from 2017 shows some more ways in which Book Creator and Showbie can be used together.

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