Working with bookshelves (iPad only)

In the Book Creator for iPad app, you can create bookshelves for your books

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You can organise your books in Book Creator for iPad by creating bookshelves.

Create a new bookshelf

  1. Tap on the menu icon on the far left of the toolbar.

  2. Tap New Bookshelf and give it a name, then tap Add.

Add books to your bookshelf

To add books to the bookshelf, there are two ways. First, you can tap the + icon beneath a book and tap the Move to Bookshelf option. Then choose the bookshelf you want to add your book to (or create a new one).

The other way allows multiple books to be added.

  1. Tap the Grid icon in the top right and you will see all the books on your shelf.

  2. Now tap Select in the top left of the toolbar.

  3. Tap on any books you want to add to a bookshelf - when selected they will have a tick mark in a blue circle on them.

  4. When ready, tap the Move link in the top right and then choose the bookshelf you want to add the books to.

View a bookshelf

Just tap on the menu icon to view the bookshelves you have created. Tap on the title to open that bookshelf.

Removing books from a bookshelf

If you want to move a book out of a bookshelf, tap on the Books icon beneath your book and tap Move to Bookshelf. You can move it to the All Books bookshelf and it effectively removes the book from any shelf.

Every book on your iPad will be listed under All Books, and can only be filed under one bookshelf at a time.

Renaming or deleting a bookshelf

To delete a bookshelf altogether, tap the menu icon to access your shelves, and then swipe left on a shelf name and you'll see the red Delete button. You can also rename your bookshelf from here.

If you delete a bookshelf, it does not delete the books. Any books in that shelf will return to the 'All Books' bookshelf.

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