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The 'My Books' library

This is your private library, a sandbox for drafting books

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When you first sign into Book Creator, you're prompted to create your first library for sharing with your students. Because of this, a lot of teachers miss the fact that they have their own private 'My Books' library.

To access the My Books library, click on the Menu icon in the toolbar. Your My Books library will be in the top left, and it has a padlock icon on it.

As you can see, my own My Books library is full of half-finished draft books and experiments!

You cannot share your My Books library

The padlock is there to signify that this is a private library that cannot be shared with others, so you won't see the invite code in this library.

These books don't count towards your plan allocation

You can create 40 or 200 books in this library (depending which plan you're on) and this is a separate allocation to the books you get as part of your shared libraries.

So, if you have the free plan, we give you 1 library and 40 books for free. But we also give you an additional 40 books allocation in your My Books library. (Note - students do not have a My Books library).

Managing books in your My Books library

So, you might consider your My Books library to be a staging area where you can draft books before moving them into a shared library for students to interact with.

You can choose to publish books directly from the My Books library, or you can move them to another library.

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