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Embed a YouTube video in Book Creator
Embed a YouTube video in Book Creator

How to add a YouTube video straight to your page

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To bring a YouTube video into Book Creator, you can simply copy and paste the URL and it will work! This is great in an education setting as it strips out any adverts, and means there is no distracting sidebar of related videos to contend with.

2. Paste it into Book Creator

From the + button, go to More > Embed and then and paste the YouTube video link. Then click Confirm. You can edit the title before clicking Add to add it to your book. The video will appear on the page.

This method will also work for Vimeo videos.

In Book Creator for iPad

1. In the YouTube app, find the video you want to embed. Tap on the Share button beneath the video.

2. Tap More and then you should see the Book Creator icon listed. Tap on this and you'll get a message saying Sent to Book Creator.

3. In Book Creator, tap the + button, then choose the Shared tab at the bottom of the menu. You should now see a Web Embed link in the list of items that have been shared to Book Creator.

4. Tap on this item and it will open up a new popover box. You can edit the title and tap Done to add it to the page.

The video will appear on the page and you can resize it and place it as you wish. The difference between this kind of video and a video that you've uploaded or recorded in Book Creator is that an embedded video won't play directly on the page.

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