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What is AppSmashing?

Book Creator is often the last step in a creative AppSmash

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AppSmashing involves combining together content created in various different apps and "smashing" them together into one finished product. The term was first coined in 2013 by Greg Kulowiec from EdTechTeacher. You can listen to Greg and I speak about AppSmashing with Book Creator in his podcast.

Student voice and choice

AppSmashing is an important process for giving students voice and choice, and improving digital literacy. The process of AppSmashing helps students bring everything together to showcase creativity, reflect on it and share creations with the world. It combines the power of multiple apps to create something more than the sum of its parts.

The last step in an AppSmash

Because of the various media formats and embed codes that you can add to Book Creator, it is often a popular choice as the last step in an AppSmash, to publish work in a format that is easy to share.

AppSmashing with Book Creator

The articles in this section look at how to bring content in from other apps to Book Creator. Of course, you may already know how to add images, audio and video to Book Creator, which could incorporate AppSmashing if you created those media in different apps. We're going to look at how to embed content from other websites using an embed code, URL or iframe, and how to share creations from other apps directly to Book Creator for iPad.

Book Creator App Store

A more recent addition (January 2022) saw a new App Store come to Book Creator that integrates particular apps such as Canva, Animated emojis and Giphy directly into Book Creator. This will power up your Book Creator experience and take AppSmashing to the next level! Learn more about the Book Creator App Store.

The Ultimate Guide to Embedding Content in Book Creator

If you want some short guides to embedding content in a handy ebook form, this is the book for you!

The Ultimate Guide to Embedding Content in Book Creator

You might also be interested in this webinar from Dr. Monica Burns, Favorite Apps to use with Book Creator.

There is an earlier version of this webinar from 2016 where she focused on iPad apps, plus we have an article from the same year where Book Creator Ambassadors chose their favourite apps to AppSmash with Book Creator for iPad - an oldie but still relevant!

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