There are some amazing Google apps for education. For this article we're only going to look at Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, and Google Forms as the process is fairly similar for each.

Method 1 - Importing from Google Drive

The easiest way to do this is by connecting Book Creator to Google Drive and simply choosing the file you want. To do this, first enable access to Google Drive in the App Store via the Teacher Dashboard. Once you've signed into Google Drive you can access files saved there.

Navigate or search for your file and then click on it, then click Select. You can then edit the title of your file and Add to book.

For Google files, you'll see that when it's embedded on the page, the link has the correct icon displaying. When you double-click on the file it will open on top of the Book Creator page - this is great for making books interactive - you could add a presentation, notes from Google Docs, a graph from Google Sheets or a quiz from Google Forms.

Have you set the right sharing permissions?

You might find that when you try to open a document, you are prompted to sign into Google first. You'll also notice that the embedded file has a generic link icon on it rather than the correct one for the document type. If this is the case, it means the sharing settings are not set to public. You'll need to set the sharing of the file to public for anyone to be able to view it from Book Creator.

How to set sharing for files in Google

In most cases, you'll want to set your sharing permissions to Anyone with the link can View.

Method 2 - Embedding a published document

The other way to embed Google files is to publish them to the web first, then use the embed code. This way will ensure that everyone will always have access.

From the Google app you're working in, click File > Publish to web. Choose Embed and then click Publish.

Copy the embed code and then in Book Creator, from the + button go to More > Embed and paste the code, then click Confirm web link.

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