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Book Creator for personal use at home
Book Creator for personal use at home

Book Creator online can only be used by teachers. Book Creator for iPad can be used by anyone

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We often get asked if people are allowed to use Book Creator for their own personal or business use from home, so here is the official answer to that.

Book Creator online, which is accessed via a browser at, can only be used in a classroom setting. This means you must be a teacher to create a Book Creator account, and then your students sign into to join your library.

If you're using Book Creator for remote learning, we have some guidance about how to set everything up for teachers and then for parents and students at home.

This means you cannot use Book Creator online for your own personal use. However, you can use our Book Creator for iPad app. Although designed for school use, you do not need to sign into our iPad app, it can be used offline so you can use it however you want at home.

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