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I received a promo code for Book Creator
I received a promo code for Book Creator

How to redeem a promo code at the checkout when upgrading

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We love giving out upgrades and discounts to Book Creator! We usually do this at various edtech conferences, so if you want one, keep your eyes peeled!

If you've already won a promo code, congratulations! That means on top of all the creative features of Book Creator in the free plan, you'll also get

  • Unlimited libraries with up to 200 books in each

  • 1,000 books total

  • Access to real-time collaboration

  • Access to 2 million+ Noun Project icons

  • Premium apps in our Book Creator App Store

  • The ability to add co-teachers to your libraries

Redeeming a promo code follows the same process as purchasing a subscription, with the difference being that you enter the promo code on the checkout screen to receive the discount.

So, you will of course need to have first created an account Do that now if you haven't already!

Here is the process:

1. Click on the avatar in the top right of the toolbar when signed into Book Creator.

2. Click on the Upgrade plan link. Please double check whether you are selecting a monthly or annual upgrade. You should see from the promo code you've received whether it applies to a monthly or annual plan.

3. Enter the promotion code you've received on the left hand side of the page, and click Apply - make sure you see that the discount has been applied.

4. Fill out your name and billing address on the right hand side, then click the blue Subscribe button. (NOTE: credit card details are not required when entering a promo code πŸŽ‰).

What happens when the promotional period expires?

Our promo code prizes will either be for 3, 6 or 12 months. In either case, you'll get a monthly email updating you on your subscription. It will essentially be an invoice that will show the price you would have been charged, with the discount you've been given from your promo code:

When the discounted period ends, you'll go back to the free plan with 1 library and 40 books. You won't lose any of the books that you've already made. At that point we will email you about whether or not you wish to continue the subscription and pay for the premium features.

Promo codes for Book Creator for iPad

To redeem a promo code for our iPad app, please note it needs to be redeemed within 28 days from the day you receive it. Go to the App Store, from the Today tab, tap on the avatar icon in the top right and then choose 'Redeem Gift Card or Code'.

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