With LTI integration, you can have teachers and students logging into Book Creator directly from your ClassLink launchpad. Here's how.

  1. If you have a school or district license for Book Creator you can enable the ClassLink integration through your admin dashboard. If don't already have an admin console for Book Creator, contact us and we'll help you get it set up.

  2. Log in to admin.bookcreator.com.

  3. Visit the Settings -> LMS Integration page and click the Generate button.

  4. Now, login into your ClassLink admin and follow their steps for Book Creator Single Sign-On LTI.

  5. In ClassLink, assign the app using these steps.

  6. You can now click on the Book Creator icon to sign in directly from ClassLink.

(Please ensure that all users that need to be able to use ClassLink SSO to sign into BookCreator are also in your ClassLink Roster Server. This enables ClassLink to send us your name so that we can properly attribute you as the author of your books)

Note: This integration is not available to single teachers with an upgraded subscription.

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