Remixing and Creative Commons

Make your book available for others to copy to their library and edit

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Remixing is a feature that allows other teachers and students to remix your published book. This means they can add an editable copy of your book to their own Book Creator library.

What kind of books are good for remixing?

Books that would be useful to other teachers are ideal for remixing. Some examples are student workbooks, curriculum content or template books. Typically these will be books authored by a teacher rather than students.

You should also ensure that the book only contains your own original content, or content remixed from other books.

If you think your book will be useful for teachers outside of your own school then also consider publishing it publicly so that other teachers can find it through Google Search.

Giving you credit

If you allow remixing then your book will be published using a Creative Commons CC-BY license. Creative Commons is the standard way to allow re-use of digital items on the internet and over 2 billions items have been shared this way, including all of Wikipedia.

The CC-BY license requests that a remixer attributes you as the original author if they share any books derived from your work. We do this automatically if they publish through Book Creator.

We will also provide statistics to you, so you can see how many teachers and students are remixing your books!

You can turn remixing on or off at any time for your published books. Although of course if anyone has already copied your book they will continue to have access to their copy.

The Remix button

With remixing enabled your published book gets a new Remix button. Clicking on this allows signed-in teachers and students to quickly copy the book to their chosen library, or create a Book Creator account if they are new to the platform.

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