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Add your Bitmojis to Book Creator
Add your Bitmojis to Book Creator

Teachers can sign into their Bitmoji account to access their avatars directly from Book Creator

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To get started, head over to the Teacher Dashboard and enable Bitmoji by clicking on the app card. Because of their terms of service, we've limited access to Bitmoji so it is only available to teachers, you cannot enable this app for students.

You'll need a separate Snapchat account to be able to sign in and access your Bitmojis from Book Creator.

Once enabled, to use Bitmoji in Book Creator, click on the + button, then More and choose Bitmoji.

The first time, you'll be prompted to sign in with your Snapchat account, and authorize it to connect to Book Creator.

Now you're ready! Browse or search for the Bitmoji you want then simply double-click to add, or drag it onto the page. Once the image is there you can resize it, or use the Inspector to add a hyperlink or alt text like you can with any image in Book Creator.

Signing out of Bitmoji

If you need to log out of Bitmoji (to switch accounts, for example) you can easily do so by clicking the Settings icon next to Bitmoji in the menu (or from the Teacher Dashboard). If you're signed in you'll see the Logout link.

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