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Animated emojis in your book
Animated emojis in your book

This cool tool in our App Store helps you add animated emojis to bring your book to life!

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Emojis are more than just fun! These visual representations are powerful when used purposefully in the classroom. Students can add emojis to a digital space to share a feeling, communicate tone, or tell a story that transcends just one language.

To get started, head over to the Teacher Dashboard and enable Animated Emojis by clicking on the app card. You can choose to enable it just for you, or for your students too. Note - you will need a premium subscription to be able to add Animated emojis to your books.

Enable Animated Emojis in the Book Creator App Store

To use Animated emojis in Book Creator, click on the + button, then More and choose Animated Emojis.

Animated Emojis in the + Menu

You can scroll through the list of emojis and then just click on the one you like or drag it to the page. Once it's on the page, you can reposition and resize it and use the Inspector (i button) to add an alt tag or hyperlink just like any other image.

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