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How do I change my account information, such as my name, email, password, gender, date of birth?
How do I change my account information, such as my name, email, password, gender, date of birth?
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You can do it on our website:

1. Log into your account:

Go to> Click or tap Log In in the top right corner of the screen> Select a login option (Email, Facebook, Twitter or Google)

2. Hover the cursor over your avatar (the round icon in the upper right corner)

3. Select Settings

To change your profile photo:

  1. Click on your current profile photo

  2. Select an image and wait for it to upload

To change the name, account description (brief information about yourself), website link and login:

  1. Click and edit one of these fields

  2. Click outside the editable field to save the data

To change or add an email:

  1. Click on the pencil or Add email in the field Email

  2. Enter the email you want to link to your account and your password

  3. Click Save

For security reasons, we’ll send you a trigger email as soon as you change the existing one. You’ll need to confirm your email address in this letter.

To change the password:

  1. Click on Change Password

  2. If you don’t remember your current password, click Forgot password?, enter your email and click Reset password. We’ll send you an email for resetting your password. Open your inbox and follow the steps listed in the email

  3. If you just wish to change your previous password — for security or other reasons — please enter the previous password, the new password, and the new password again to confirm the changes

  4. Click on Save

To change gender and date of birth:

  1. Click on the field you want to edit

  2. Choose the option that suits you better. The results will be saved automatically

To link or unlink social networks:

  1. Click on the social network icons (Facebook and Twitter)

  2. If the social network has already been linked to your account and you want to unlink it, click Disconnect under the icon of the social network

Please note that you can’t disconnect a social network if you use it as the only login option. If you want to unlink a social network, please make sure that you have other login methods linked to your Bookmate account.

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